It’s time…

… to put my money where my mouth is.

I love to write. And yet, I haven’t blogged in almost six months. SIX MONTHS! In that time, however, I observed the one year anniversary of my mom’s death, a death which hit me pretty hard; left a job that will be a great job for someone… it just wasn’t great for me; began a certification course in Positive Psychology through the Wellbeing Institute, a course that I am loving every minute of and where I have met some fantastic, like-minded people; traveled back to Grenoble (and still couldn’t speak the language!) and spent our anniversary in Ireland, where my laptop and purse were stolen on our 28th anniversary; am building my business one client at a time, doing work I love and which resonates with me; and am on Day 2 of a juicing cleanse. I just want to eat healthier, lose a little weight, and in the process train for my fourth half-marathon. Maybe with a little less weight on me I will be able to run the whole thing this time.

So what will this site be about? Mostly about my thoughts and observations in experiencing different things, things maybe you’ve thought about or observed, too. Or might be interested in at least. I want to share what I’m learning about Positive Psychology. About how it’s difficult to make changes in our lives… difficult, but not impossible. About how it’s okay to give ourselves permission to be human when we might not live up to the (unrealistic) expectations we set for ourselves. About how we can learn to be benefit-finders instead of fault-finders. About how surrounding ourselves with positive people can help us make changes we want to make in our lives. About how we don’t have to be perfect. About how important it is to laugh. And about how important it is to set your intentions and share those intentions with others, which helps hold us accountable.

So in this, my second inaugural post, I would like to share what’s happening right now. Here goes.

I’ve never done a cleanse before. I’ve thought about it, and halfheartedly tried, getting maybe half a day in or so. This time I am committing to at least five days; maybe 10 (but I don’t want to get ahead of myself here!). I don’t really do caffeine (well, except for chocolate…!) and I already feel like I eat pretty healthy. And yet, my weight has crept up over the years. At the beginning of this week I was at my highest non-pregnancy weight ever. And considering my baby is 20-years-old now (how did THAT happen?!) it’s time to take matters into my own hands and do something about it. Like it was ever in anyone else’s hands.

My mom died of a stroke. She was pretty healthy, too, and she died of a stroke. I want to do what I can to take care of myself so I can live to see my grandkids grow up and have kids of their own. My dad and mom both had heart issues. My dad was 64-years-old when he died 24 years ago. The closer I get to 64, the younger it is! So I have the two biggies in my family history (heart attack and stroke) and I want to do what I can to prevent them from happening to me. Not that if it’s my time to go it won’t happen; it will go how it’s meant to go. But already I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I exercise. I drink lots of water. I get plenty of sleep. And now it’s time to get the eating better than it’s ever been before. I know I can do it; I’ve done it before, a long time ago. But really, I’m 48-years-old. If not now, when? What am I waiting for?

It’s time.

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3 Responses to It’s time…

  1. Good to see you getting back to writing, Lori! Sounds like you are making some positive changes for great reasons! 🙂 I, too , just started a 21 day, healthier eating/healthier being type of thing…might be that whole “almost 50! Yikes!” reality setting in! I set some simple goals that have to do with healthier ways of being…and one of the “hidden” benefits I’m desiring is also weight loss…happy to say I did loose 5 pounds so far! :)…which I have never had much success at before. Will love to see more of your blogs and hear more about your Positive Psychology and Life Coaching! 🙂 Great stuff!

  2. Mary Ellen says:

    So glad to be reading you again, Lori! May I say how ironic it was that a ruffles ad was at the bottom of your post? I thought YOU had added it as a gag (like “crush junk food”). 🙂

  3. Tom Ellis says:

    You make my heart smile every time to share apart of you with the world. Like you, I have been away form my blog for quite some time and I thank you for your sharing. I am flirting with juicing and loving it. I have some amazing resources and links I would be happy to share. While I was reading your post, I was thinking of a great book by Parker J. Palmer, “Let Your Life Speak”. Such an amazing treat for the soul. I miss you, your smile and your amazing presence.

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