Carpe diem. Now.

So about a year and a half ago I was finishing up my coach training as Mark and I were getting ready to go to France for the spring (Abby was still in Kenya at the time, although she would be going with us to Europe). I had been trying to figure out what I wanted the name of my business to be, and I was up late one night, searching different websites like GoDaddy to see what URLs were available. The words Carpe diem, Latin for Seize the day, have always had great meaning to me, ever since, I think, I saw the movie Dead Poets Society. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines carpe diem as “the enjoyment of the pleasure of the moment without concern for the future.” The Latin origin of the word literally means “pluck the day.”

I like to think that I seize the day. In theory, anyway, I seize the day, especially the “without concern for the future” part. I’m always up for whatever fun might be happening in the moment. I think I take after my mom where this is concerned. I might not always be successful in practice, but it still holds great meaning to me, and I practice it whenever I can.

So I checked out the availability of Carpe diem. Of course, it wasn’t available. So I played around a little more and wondered if Carpe diem now was available. The “.com” version wasn’t… but the “.net” version was. I got really excited and thought, “That’s great! I can buy the URL tomorrow when I get home from work since it’s now almost midnight and I’m beat and I know I have to get up and go to work the next day and, and, and…” and then I stopped myself. And I laughed. Out loud. At the outlandishness of my deciding I was going to name my business Carpe Diem Now… only I was going to wait till tomorrow to purchase the URL. So I decided, then and there, to practice what I preach, and I bought the URL for my growing coaching business, Carpe Diem Now.

I love watching people’s reactions when I tell them the name of my business. I watch them translate the first two words in their heads and then add the “now” at the end… and then smile. And laugh when I tell them the story of how it came to be. I love that it takes a little time to think about it, because so much of my life is spent in my head, and well, you know how much I love puzzles (and you know how much time I spend in my head)!

My website is still a work in progress…. and in spite of that (I’m trying to embrace good enough as opposed to perfect), please feel free to visit it!

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1 Response to Carpe diem. Now.

  1. Crysta Wille says:

    Excellent story – shows your human-ness for having to actually do it NOW and buy the URL.

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