TTT List

One day, about a month ago while I was juggling in the kitchen (during my 30-day learn-to-fail or fail-to-learn juggling challenge), Mark was looking at a list he had made and hung up in our kitchen about a year ago. His things to do list. He made it very clear that I wasn’t to add to the list, that it was his list to keep track of the things he chose to do. I get that. It wasn’t a list for me to commandeer… not that I would do that (not that any wife would do that!)…

In between throws I asked him, “What’s the third T for?” He replied, “This is my things to do list.” I said, “Right, I get that… but your list is called TTT. What’s the third T?” He replied, “Yes, things to… do. Oh.” I asked him again, “What’s the third T for… things to put off?” That doesn’t start with a T… “Things to trace? Things to… table?? That’s IT! Things to table!”

That pretty much covers it. It could also be things to think about… which could totally be the name of MY list, too (if I were to have a list posted, that is…)!

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