Learning to Juggle

Here’s an update on my juggling challenge, my literal juggling challenge, as opposed to my metaphorical juggling challenge: I stayed with my 30 day juggling challenge for more than 30 days; 35 days of all but one daily practice; days 35-44 were much more sporadic. It has dropped off now, but during it I juggled at least 5 minutes every day, often it was more like 10-15 minutes—almost every day for one month—from the day I started on Saturday, March 15, until the end of April. And that includes bringing the juggling balls to Minnesota when we went in March—and when I went back in April—to visit our kids and granddaughter. Mark said to one of our son-in-laws, “I bet you never thought you’d have a mother-in-law who could juggle!” to which he replied (after a long pause), “I’d never really thought about it before…”

At Mark’s excellent (and scientific) suggestion, I kept track on a calendar of what the numbers were each day I juggled. Most days there was steady improvement. Some days did end up with lower numbers than the previous day, but for the most part, the numbers went up.

These numbers represent the number of consecutive throws I made, or how long I was able to juggle for without dropping a ball. I also had fun keeping track of what I was listening to for a few days as I was juggling. And I kept track to some of my thoughts during that time as well.

Day 1: 3
Day 2: 10
Day 3: 7
Day 4: 12
Day 5: 17
Day 6: 18
Day 7: 24
Day 8: 31
Day 9: 22
Day 10: 11
Day 11: didn’t juggle
Day 12: 9
Day 13: 46
Day 14: 44
Day 15: 50 – Aeriel by System of a Down
Day 16: 22 – Tal TV (this is what we lovingly refer to the lectures in our Certificate in Positive Psychology course)… sorry, Tal! No record-setting during Tal TV!
Day 17: 38 – Styx (Renegade, Too Much Time on My Hands (haha), Come Sail Away, Lady)
Day 18: 62 – meditation music. I started thinking of my previous record and told myself, “It really doesn’t matter…” and then I broke my record!
Day 19: 48 – Styx
Day 20: 56 – Everything But the Girl and Jonatha Brooke
Day 21: 48
Day 22: 111! – This was an interesting day. Listened to Pour Some Sugar on Me and silence. Prior to today, I would break the record one time only and then wasn’t able to reach that number again. On this particular day, I broke the record three times. The first time was the 111; the second time was 78, and the third time was 90. This had never happened before.
Days 23-30: Juggled daily, just didn’t keep track (I was away), except for the day I broke my record with 137 on Day 29!
Days 31-45: didn’t juggle daily during this time, but juggled on occasion.

Even though it’s dropped off, I still will pick up the juggling balls and spend a few minutes juggling every now and then, and I’m still amazed that I can still do this. I can juggle! I try not to count anymore, but that’s a hard habit to break.

Mark decided he wants to create some new neural pathways in his brain as well. He wants to learn to juggle, too… which I’m both thrilled by and bummed out about, in a non-threatening way! So even though he bought some juggling balls, he’s come up with his own challenge: the hula-hoop. He’s getting quite good! Only the scientist is not tracking his data… what kind of scientist are you, anyway?! I think our comedy routine is getting richer by the hour.

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  1. Linda Heikkila says:

    When are you guys joining the circus . . . .?

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