Day 4 – October Leaves

Today is Day 4 of my 30-Day Challenge in noticing. It’s raining outside so I am going to use one of the photos I took yesterday morning. I’m giving myself permission to be human to not have to go out to take a photo, when I have some perfectly good ones already downloaded and ready to go… and I’m giving myself permission to change the rules of the game, just like Calvinball (for those of you who remember Calvin and Hobbes)!

1. What jumps out at me in this image is the colors. It’s mostly browns and grays, but there is also some orange, yellow, and green. And some POPS! of red.
2. You can’t see the depth perception in this photo (I’ve noticed you never can in a photo, at least not the ones I take! The awesomeness of the mountains when you’re in them? Two-dimensional in a photo…). The striped leaves in the middle were actually a small tree, up off the ground from where the other leaves are nestled.
3. I’m noticing I don’t remember what trees are based on their leaves. I know I learned this once, but I don’t remember. I do know oak trees, and I see some oak leaves here. I see only two: one at the top, and one at the bottom of the photo.
4. The red leaves are maple leaves. I’ve no idea what the striped leaves are, only that they are in the middle of changing from their summer color to fall.
5. I’m noticing a thick branch underneath the small tree with the striped leaves. This is something that I didn’t even notice when I was snapping the picture.


What kinds of things have you been noticing this week?

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1 Response to Day 4 – October Leaves

  1. Susie says:

    I’ve noticed that my Autumn Joy Sedum have turned an incredibly deep shade of pink – I love them at this time of year!

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