Day 5 – What do you notice?

I’m posting a photo and would like to see what kinds of things YOU notice. Remember, if you click on the photo it will open it up into a new page. If you click on that photo it zooms in so you can get an even closer look, much like looking under a magnifying glass…

(This photo was taken on Thursday, October 2)

Have fun!


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3 Responses to Day 5 – What do you notice?

  1. Ruth Seppanen says:

    Fall garden produce:
    (Without zooming in)
    Beets, eggplant, butternut squash, acorn squash, some peppers, something green, Indian corn hanging from the ceiling & doorway. A price list & some other signs on the wall.

    When I zoomed in I could identify more things & read the signs.

    How does it make me feel? I love vegetables & fall. And I love that I have the ability to drive down the road to my local organic farm stand & buy these things!

  2. kdivasilver says:

    I can see that your prices are a lot lower than near me!

  3. Susie says:

    1. Kale is just $2.00!
    2. The eggplant looks so perfect.
    3. The boxes of jalapeño with one red pepper on top.
    4. Love the dried corn hanging from the ceiling.
    5. Security cam to catch the crooks!

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