Day 6 – Reflections

  1. I notice that the water isn’t completely still because there are ripples in it.
  2. I notice that the really vibrant colors directly across the pond from me must be jutting out a bit because they’re casting a shadow further over on the trees to the right of this shot.
  3. I notice that the two bare branches near me (lower left) almost look like they could be a reflection of one another… but not quite.
  4. I notice the reflection of color on the pond blurs where one tree ends and another one begins, and it almost looks like an impressionistic painting.
  5. I notice that at a quick glance, the trees across the pond all look to be the same height… while on closer inspection, there are occasional places where one tree juts up higher than the rest.


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Love to learn and live and travel and connect. ... and write and ski and walk and read...
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1 Response to Day 6 – Reflections

  1. Susie says:

    There’s a little something floating in the lake…

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