Day 7 – A lot to notice!

I feel a little bit like I’m providing a Where’s Waldo book given how much there is to notice in this post! Paying attention and noticing things takes time… how much time depends on each person: what’s going on in their day, how interested they are in the scene they’ve come upon, whether or not something in particular has grabbed their attention. One person may spend much more time on looking when animals or people are involved; for others it might be nature scene or bridges or railroads… kind of like choosing our passions, right? How wonderful that we’re all different and attracted to many different things!

For this shot, I took it on a sunny day last week. It’s interesting to see the number of items in this scene, items that aren’t usually there but are because of a project we’re working on right now in our house (specifically like the bookshelves in the right-hand corner of the porch). Today this same space looks much like a storage locker, as we’re further along in our project than when this photo was taken.


So here’s what I notice… feel free to add anything you might have noticed that might be different than what I see:

  1. I notice the bankers box. My low-tech version of a standing desk. When I feel like standing, I put the box on top of the table to put my computer on and voila! A standing desk!
  2. I notice our Christmas cards on the far left of the doorframe. Because we live far away from most of our family, we keep our cards up all year. They surround two doublewide French doors that we have, and it makes us feel a little closer to our loved ones. I used to take them down in about February, but over the last several years have left them up all year and love looking at them any time I’m missing someone… or just noticing them when I walk into my office. They make me smile on a regular basis.
  3. I notice the yellow tablecloth on the far futon; the tablecloth I bought in San Gimignano, Italy, two summers ago. It graced our table all summer long, and I recently took it off to launder it. That’s as far as I got!
  4. I notice two blankets: on top of each of the futons. The plaid one Mark brought back from Ireland for me, and I bring it with me when I attend workshops or conferences where I’m not sure if the room will be too cold or not. It’s nice and small and warm and works well. The red one Abby gave me one year for Christmas, and I love it! It’s chenille, which is such a wonderful material… the only thing about this is that it has long strands of “thread” leftover – gathered on the ends like tassels – that has been completely tangled since I got it. I don’t think you can see it in this photo, but that’s what I think of when I see this blanket.
  5. I notice the bright sunlight streaming through the sun at the top of our window. Usually, because it’s backlit, the sun appears dark, so it’s really fun to see it with light streaming through the indented holes in the middle and on every other ray.

Bonus: I notice the green-trimmed basket I bought in a market in Machakos, Kenya, when we went to visit our youngest daughter there in November of 2011. It was nice and flat and lightweight, so it made the trip home nicely and is a fond memory for me of a very special adventure.

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4 Responses to Day 7 – A lot to notice!

  1. Susie says:

    Twinkle lights in your windows! Also the reflection in the door glass – is it your deck?

    • Hi Susie! Yep, that’s our deck. The twinkle lights went up the night before our very first Thanksgiving in this room, and they’re been there ever since. It’s the perfect lighting for that room…

  2. deb holm says:

    I love this room, it brought back memories of our last visit there (too long ago). I immediately noticed the Christmas card picture on the left!

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