Day 9 – Starting to Change

One of the things I love about New England is the mixture of evergreens in with the deciduous trees, so even in the fall there is green mixed into the colors. I don’t remember this being the case in Minnesota… or maybe I just didn’t notice!


Here’s what I’m noticing today:

  1. The vibrant red maple on the left is really an attention grabber (for me).
  2. The cornflower blue of the sky is very different than the brilliant blue in the photos of the library and church on the town common.
  3. There are white branches almost exactly in the middle of this shot (from left to right, not top to bottom).
  4. I count at least ten different shades of green… and there are likely more!
  5. The white of the clouds almost acts as a highlighter for the trees against it; you can see very clearly where each tree ends.

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Love to learn and live and travel and connect. ... and write and ski and walk and read...
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