Day 10 – What do you notice?

For those of you who know me, you’ve seen this photo before. I didn’t take this one; Mark did. This is a photo that was taken in July of 2011 of my granddaughter and me. I know all the things I notice in this shot… and I’m curious what kinds of things you notice! Do you notice the same things I do… or am I just biased?!


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1 Response to Day 10 – What do you notice?

  1. deb holm says:

    I notice an awestruck grandmother enjoying her happy granddaughter as her little fingers grasp yours. Your sleeveless blouse compliments Ailie’s animal print blanket. Her pink cheeks, bare feet and colorful romper lead me to believe it’s a warm summer day, along with the pitcher of iced lemonade sitting on a wooden tray on the nearby wicker side table. The astilbe flowers are in full bloom, the green grass littered with shadows in the background. I may be a bit biased, too, as this is one of my all time favorite pictures, taken in my backyard. Mark captured a perfect moment, as though it was ‘staged’. I’m sure we had a wonderful day and visit!

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