Day 12 – Reflections

I love this shot. I took it about a year and a half ago when Mark and I were driving to Worcester to meet one of our nieces (who was working in Boston for the week) for sushi. You don’t always see a scene like this one, so I asked Mark to stop the car so I could grab this shot.

I know a lot of photographers play with brightness and contrast to make the colors more brilliant, but I actually leave my photos alone. What you see is what you get. I like the simple beauty and the realness of it.

Here are the things I notice about it:


  1. The trunks of the trees are straight. There is very little variance from tree to tree as far as their trunks are concerned.
  2. I thought that it was perfectly still, but in looking closer, it is still close to the opposite shoreline. I do see some ripples in the middle of the pond, not far from where that lighter green bush is on this shore.
  3. Seeing the sky through the water looks bluer than the actual sky, which looks more grey.
  4. The toothpick trees are what I find so striking in this photo.
  5. There are other smaller trees in front of the pines that I don’t think I had ever noticed before.

If there had been wind that day, or the sun had been somewhere else, or it was dark when we drove by, or any number of things other than what it was, this would have been a very different scene. I was happy to have noticed and taken the time to stop and get this shot.

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