Day 13 – Bridge Ahead

Last week I took a bunch of photos on my walk in the woods. I love meandering and looking at what views I’d like to share with you. But I have to say, it takes me a lot longer to walk with a camera in my hand!

The next couple of days (or longer!) I will be sharing some of the photos I took on Wednesday, October 8. This is one of them.


I notice…

1. The little wooden bridge with its “Bridge Ahead” sign. Don’t you love it?! Snowmobilers use these trails in the wintertime, and they’ve put bridges in a couple of different places. It’s not the kind of bridge you expect to see when you see a “Bridge Ahead” sign!
2. You can’t even see the little brook under the bridge here in this shot. It’s not much more than a trickle at this time of year, yet there is always standing water in this spot in the woods.
3. I tried not to include my shadow in this image, but in this view I’m pretty sure I see my shadow to the left of the blotch of sunlight between me and the bridge.
4. I’m always amazed when I see the amount and how large those rocks are along this path during the non-winter months. And to think we ski on these trails!
5. The old bridge no longer used to the left of the current bridge. It almost looks like it could be a reflection of it!

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