Day 16 – After the rain

I notice…


  1. The water droplets on the leaves
  2. The green leaves on the ground. It must’ve been windy, although it made me think (and I’m sharing my ignorance here, but this was my thought process. I don’t remember the whole tree life cycle learning that must have happened probably about 40 years ago!)… is there a “usual” way this happens? I think of leaves turning different colors and then falling to the ground, but then I saw these green leaves on the ground, which made me try to remember how the whole life cycle of a tree thing goes…
  3. The green mossy rock over to the right of the picture
  4. The stark contrast between the green oak leaf and the golden oak leaf.
  5. This would make a fun puzzle to do.

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Love to learn and live and travel and connect. ... and write and ski and walk and read...
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