Day 17 – Making Connections

Another one I did not take, but it seemed like it would be a good time to take a break from fall!

This photo was taken in November of 2011 when Mark and I went to visit our youngest daughter and her friend when they were living in Kenya for four months. I like to tease her that we were Thanksgiving food curriers, as she wanted to make sure we brought along some pumpkin and stuffing for our dinner!

Mark took this photo in Machakos at the market there. This little girl had seen me from across the market and came closer to check me out. We didn’t speak a word, yet I think this photo captured the communication that was happening between us.

I love how one pant leg is tucked inside her boot, how she’s clutching that piece of celery and really studying my face. I love the look on her face as she takes it all in. I notice a fly on my knee (have not seen that before!), I have granny smith apples and red tomatoes in the basket (recognize the basket from a previous post?!), and one blue and white sneaker at the top of the shot.

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Love to learn and live and travel and connect. ... and write and ski and walk and read...
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