Day 21 – Oreo Cows

Over the weekend my siblings came to visit. It was a lot of fun having them here, and we did a lot of driving around checking out the New England foliage for the middle of October.

On Saturday, we drove on one of my favorite roads in the area because it has fields and woods; most of our area is woods (as you have probably noticed). Having grown up in farm country in both Iowa and Minnesota, I like open spaces almost as much as I love the woods, and I especially love the combination of the two—much like you would find near the Wisconsin Dells or most of Vermont! I think it’s just gorgeous having both.

I have no idea what this breed of cows is, but someone once told me they were Oreo cows* and it stuck in my brain! They make me smile every time I see them because they are unlike any breed of dairy cows I grew up milking at our neighbor’s farm.

So here’s what I notice in this photo:


  1. The field of mostly Oreo cows. I think they are raised for beef, so I guess calling them cows is incorrect: the field of mostly Oreo cattle. Wow, are they wooly!
  2. A grey sky, which meant no shadows in this shot.
  3. The lush green grass, which seems unusual at this time of year.
  4. The combination of the wooden fence and electric fence on wooden posts.
  5. The series of metal gates behind the cattle.

*I looked it up. They’re called Belted Galloways.

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