Day 25 – Mindful

What do stones balanced one on top of another mean to you? I don’t have any idea what these stacks of stones mean, and because I have the gotta know gene, it’s surprising I haven’t looked it up yet. I mean, I know what cairn are (the plural of cairn is cairn, according to good ole’ Google!) as far as hiking is concerned, but what about when you see them at a beach? And I’m not talking about piles of stones, like many of the cairn I’ve seen. I’m talking about the beautifully placed stone towers. They are a sight to behold, whether they’re out in the woods, or on a beach in Hawaii, or on our fireplace mantel. They always bring a smile to my face.

To me, these stone sculptures represent mindfulness. The creator of the sculpture, in my mind, must be in the present moment, first looking for just the right stones to balance on top of one another. Next, deciding which ones will build the base of the sculpture, and then creating the balancing act of each and every stone’s exact placement. How often do stones fall and he or she must begin again? What a reminder that life is just a series of beginning agains!


This particular photo was taken on Block Island in September of 2012. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with so many stones stacked so high, and it was just mesmerizing, looking at how precariously it was perched there, with the waves crashing all around it. I wonder how long it lasted before the waves knocked it over? Was it built during high tide or low tide? Could the wind have knocked it over? Or a thoughtless tourist? I wonder how long any of them last. And yet, in this moment in time, it felt like it was there just for me.

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