Day 29 – Look again

Today’s two photos are of a downed tree in the woods behind our house. What if I told you it was a picture of the same spot of the tree, just from a different angle? Would you believe me? So if the tree was still standing, the side of this fungus facing the sky is green, while the other side, the side facing the ground, is purplish/brown. It reminds me of those billboards—before electric billboards—where one picture is showing, and then a few seconds later the vertical slats that make up the billboard are flipped from left to right 180˚ to show a different picture.

Have you ever noticed this change in color? I hadn’t, and may not have if I hadn’t been stepping over this tree the last several days in a row, as it’s right on the path that we travel daily. In fact, it wasn’t until about four days in of stepping over this same tree that I actually noticed this drastic color difference! (And I like to think of myself as someone who pays attention to detail!) It just goes to show how we can miss things when we’re not being mindful.

29-IMG_0737     29-IMG_0738


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