Day 30 – Compare and Contrast

Does anyone know where this photo was taken? I finally synced my phone with my computer, after not having synced the two of them for months. In July, friends of ours and we went to visit this area and absolutely loved what we saw… including this round, red barn.


  1. I notice the spectacular clouds make the red of the barn really pop.
  2. I notice the red barn against the spectacularly manicured lawn… I know comparison is the thief of joy, but I love this (and want my yard to look like this… my yard, which is currently buried under early fallen leaves…)!
  3. I notice the picnic table behind the first building, underneath a beautifully shaped tree. I would like to eat lunch there.
  4. I notice the flowers in bloom in front of the first building. I would have guessed they were tulips, but this was July… and on closer inspection (and noticing!) they are lilies.
  5. I notice the blue handicap automatic door button in stark contrast with the brown stain on the closer building.

What other things do you notice?


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