Day 28 – The Driving Range

I took this photo last year in Bethel, Maine, when I was at a women’s nordic ski weekend with my running friends. I’m not sure if you can see what the sign says, or rather, what’s behind the sign, but this sight made me chuckle.

In the summer, when the ski trails are a golf course, this sign makes perfect sense. But in the middle of winter under a thick blanket of snow, the driving range becomes something entirely different. Especially when it’s pointing toward a fleet of golf carts, stored for the winter.


Does anyone else look at signs for the humor in them the same way I do? Or is it just my own idiosyncracies? For example, when I first visited the hospital after my mom had her stroke, I took a picture of the patient discharge area. It was full of wheelchairs. I’m not sure if this was funny to me because I hadn’t slept much in the previous two days, or because I was under large amounts of stress, or if I’m just wired that way. But something about seeing a bunch of wheelchairs parked in the parking garage under the sign patient discharge area just got me giggling. Thinking about it still does.


Or how ‘bout this one, with the door propped open, and this particular sign on the door?


See the arrow on the Fed Ex truck? Look closely!


Or I love this one for its literal meaning…


How ’bout you? What signs do you see that make you chuckle?

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